De-tox your skin, naturally.

Every day our skin is exposed to toxins and chemicals.

Our modern day diets are full of chemicals and preservatives, the air we breathe is becoming more and more polluted and the products we put on our skin are laden with chemicals too.

All of this adds up to a toxic combination that our skin has trouble dealing with. Your skin doesn’t lie. This shows up as breakouts of pimples and acne, tired, dull looking skin and premature ageing.

For thousands of years Nature has provided us with the best ingredients to soothe and heal our skin.

Dating back to the time of the Ancient Egyptians, volcanic ash and milk baths have been used to purify and cleanse the skin. This knowledge forms the basis of the recipe for our Milk and Ash Cleansing Bar.

We use whole goats milk to gently exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells without changing the skins natural pH level. Volcanic Ash draws out the impurities caused by day-to-day life, reducing pimples and soothing acne. Olive Oil is used to soothe and condition the skin, reducing redness and blotches.

After using the Milk and Ash Cleansing Bar, your skin has already started its natural detoxification process and is ready to regenerate itself.

Our carefully blended Repairing Serum is designed to work in harmony with the Milk and Ash Cleansing Bar to give your skin the nourishment it needs.

We only use totally natural oils with no added chemicals or preservatives. Naturally high in Vitamin E and anti-oxidants, the Repairing Serum will allow your skin to regenerate itself without leaving it feeling heavy or oily.

You will wake up to fresh, smooth, softer skin. Redness and swelling from pimples will be reduced and fine lines will appear smoother.

Try it for yourself today. Face the world with healthier looking skin. Because your skin doesn’t lie.