Q. Are your products really natural?

A. Yes, absolutely. In fact many of our ingredients are actually organic, which is as natural as you can get! We pride ourselves on carefully selecting the finest natural ingredients we can find. You won’t find any chemicals in Face Skin Caring products.

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Q. Can I use your products with confidence if I have allergies?

A. Most people with allergies find the purity and naturally sourced ingredients of our products mean they can use them with confidence. It’s very rare to have a bad reaction to our products but if you have had allergic reactions in the past, we always recommend you test our product on a small area of your skin first, to see if produces any reaction.

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Q. Are your products suitable for all skin types?

A. Yes. No matter what type of skin you have, you can use FACE Skin Caring products with confidence. In fact, should you have excessively dry or oily skin, using our products should restore your skin’s natural balance so that excessive oil or dryness should disappear.

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Q. Are your products suitable for all ages?

A. Yes. While we probably wouldn’t use our products on a new born baby (they wouldn’t need them) you can confidently use them at any age. Whether a teenager with acne and problem skin or an older person wanting their skin to look younger and smoother, FACE Skin Caring products are suitable for all ages.

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Q. Are your products Australian made?

A. Yes, absolutely. We make all our products here in Victoria using locally sourced natural ingredients.

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Q. Are your products tested on animals?

A. No absolutely not! As far as we are aware, none of our products or their ingredients are tested on animals. Our products are so kind and gentle, we test them on ourselves, frequently!

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Q. What is your returns policy?

A. If you are dissatisfied with our products in anyway or have any reactions to using them, please return the unused portion to us at:
Postal Address

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