My skin not only looks better but feels better

“A couple of months ago I was beginning to have a break out of pimples. I had heard about your products and decided to give them a try. The day after I first used it I noticed a difference. My skin not only looked better but felt better too. Now whenever I have a problem with my acne, I just use the Milk & Ash Cleansing Bar and Night Repairing Serum, and feel totally at ease that it will fix my pimples.”

– Gabrielle M, Melbourne

I was amazed how quickly my skin changed,

“When I first used the Milk & Ash Cleansing Bar and the Night Repairing Serum, I was amazed how quickly my skin changed, it literally changed overnight. I woke up and looked in the mirror and my skin was glowing, along with a soft silky texture; it was incredible! When I applied my makeup I noticed a massive difference with how the foundation sat and smoothed onto my face. Over time using the Cleansing Bar, it got to a point where I didn’t have to wear any makeup as the product brought out all my natural features and I actually looked so much better without it. I also feel like I am taking better care of my skin; knowing that my face is chemical free. I refuse to put those other brands on my face as I know all they do is make the skin worse and is acting as a camouflaged moisturizer, cream or face wash. Thank you so much. You have given me the solution for the rest of my life and I can’t thank you enough! I recommend this product to everyone who’s had pimple or acne and wants to handle it!”

– Sarah R, Melbourne

Not only have my pimples gone, but the texture of my skin is remarkably smoother.

“Your products are amazing. I keep using them every night, and not only have my pimples gone, but the texture of my skin is remarkably smoother. I’m also happy to see that you can be completely confident with your products with this outcome. Now I can even be calm when I’ve got pimples because I know that it will be cured soon with those products. I’m more than happy to see this change every day. Thanks!”

– Mayu

"It's good. It's working!"

“My Daughter has had trouble with acne for some years now and like a lot of teenagers has been suffering along. She would mostly cover up her acne with lots of makeup and this probably made the situation worse, but in her own words “nothing works”. Over the last two years she has tried every acne product on the market and none of them had worked, she was even taking tablets for some time. We had spent a lot of money on products that didn’t work and this of course is very frustrating but more so the fact that there seemed to be no solution. Finally we discovered FACE Skin Caring. I gave my daughter the Cleansing Bar, to which her first reaction was to look at the ingredients, “Volcanic Ash!” she exclaimed. She looked sceptical. The next day I saw her she said “It was good, it’s working!” I don’t see her everyday but when I see her now I ask “is it working” and every time she says “yes”.

– Rob McD, Melbourne

"My skin was smooth, soft, clear of pimples, and even glowing!"

“I used to get pimples fairly regularly, in random different spots, which was pretty annoying as they stood out like crazy! I started using the Milk & Ash Cleansing Bar and Night Repairing Serum.After about 9 days of using it every night before bed, my skin was smooth, soft, clear of pimples, and even glowing! Now I’m a guy, and I’ve never really desired that, but it actually felt nice. People have not stopped giving me compliments on my skin, and it’s all thanks to those two products. Anyone who wants better looking and healthy skin, would be silly not to get them”

– R. M. Victoria

"A very happy 15 year old"

“A very happy 15 year old. I just thought I’d let you know that my daughter is rapt with the Cleansing Bar. She had only used it twice when she launched herself at me when I came home on Thursday night and there was a very obvious difference to her skin. After having washed her face with the Cleansing Bar, just twice, her forehead, which usually looks red and inflamed, was normal color and no inflammation. And we both knew there was a huge difference as even her father noticed and commented. Thanks heaps.”

– N.F. Melbourne

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